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Our work in graphic design will make your company recognizable in UAE and beyond.

The importance of a good logo, business card or other piece of corporate graphic design is difficult to overestimate today. Even the most interesting idea will have a hard time to attract attention of clients and stakeholders, if it is not visually appealing enough.

Another words, no service and no product can interest customers, if it does not have an impressive appearance.

Despite the fact that the World is becoming more and more digital, graphic design projects should look great not only on a computer or mobile screen, but also in print. A competently designed logo will look good both on website header and on printed products, like a business card or an advertising flyer.

Visually everything should be perfect.

Since 2011 we at Tessella are working on visualizing most interesting and most unexpected ideas. Before starting, we always spend extra time to understand as deeply as possible what services the Client’s company provide, what is it’s concept, vision and idea. No matter what piece of graphic we work on, should it be a business card, a website, a logo or a corporate identity package, it must do its job perfectly.


Here’s what we can do:

Our services in the field of graphic design are intended for clients from the UAE and other countries. We work with a wide variety of requests.

We work with whole process of developing visual materials for your brand — from color selection to print. Our services for the creation of graphic design already benefited both individual clients and large companies from Dubai and other Emirates, as well as from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and the United States. We are proud to note that they were all extremely pleased with the service provided by our company.

From the beginning Tessella Studio company has always striven to be the best. Whether you are from Dubai, UAE or from another country, we are always ready to provide you only the best service. And if you need to beautifully arrange your idea or print any printed products, please contact us. The corporate identity of your company will be not only beautiful, but also recognizable.

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We view our every project as something unique & tailor-made to meet all customers needs. We care about what we create, no matter what it is – a website, a logo design, lenticular artwork or a complete branding package.

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