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Tessella Studio team of developers have a deep knowledge in creating complex Web projects, such as news portals, Online Shops, or even fully custom concepts.

Developing and maintaining complex Web platforms is a process much more time-consuming and technically demanding than standard corporate website or a landing page. The most obvious difference between typical website and a portal is that while the former acts like a tool for a business, the latter is business itself.

For complex Web platforms, there is no ‘end’ of development process. It can be designed, developed, tested and launched, but unlike a typical website, if will require further technical effort to make it grow. New features must be added. Existing ones – improved. Bugs – fixed. It’s a continuous process of maintenance and improvement, which cannot be ignored if a project is to survive in today’s highly competitive environment.

We at Tessella Studio worked on a number of various launched projects and successfully developed such important features, as:

Payment Gateways

User Registration

Complex Search Queries

CRON Script Services

Social Media Integration


Before moving to the actual development part, a careful planning should be done to ensure the success of the project. Ideally, a full list of desired functionality should be divided into a number of releases, with only core functions to be developed for an initial launch. There is a number of practical reasons for that, most important of which is the time frame, both in technical and business sense.

We at Tessella are always ready to discuss your project and advice on the most effective plan of its implementation.

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