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Web animation – the best way to expand the capabilities of your digital advertising.

Today a good advertising campaign on the Internet is unthinkable without animated and interactive banners. The user may not notice a simple text ad, but a beautiful animation will surely attract his attention. In addition, it becomes possible to tell more in advertising directly about the goods and services you provide.

Currently there are three types of web animation:

  • GIF. The oldest standard (appeared in 1987) with limited capabilities. Suitable only for the simplest cases. With its help you can create simple animated banners. However, despite the simplicity of technology with its help, you can still create very effective advertising.
  • Flash animation. This format appeared later. It provides much richer possibilities, with its help the site can be made interactive. Flash is suitable for creating online cartoon, training materials, as well as great interactive web banners. However, in recent years there has been a gradual abandonment of this standard in favor of HTML5.
  • HTML5 animation. The HTML5 standard appeared relatively recently and immediately attracted attention with its wide capabilities. It is in no way inferior to Flash, and by some criteria even surpasses it. For example, it becomes possible to create interactive banners that will be displayed on all mobile devices that are experiencing difficulties with Flash support (and even do not support it at all).

We can offer you services for creating any type of digital animation of any required size, length and complexity. From the simplest GIF-banners to the most complex interactive HTML5 banners, that will stand out for its attractiveness and wow-effect that will make your advertising more visible. We have a Google DoubleClick For Publishers Certificate, and we can make banners using this standard, but not limited to it.

Our knowledge and expertise makes it possible to implement all kinds of digital marketing campaigns on the Internet. All is limited only by your requests!

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