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Tessella Studio creative team can design a logo for your business, product or public persona in UAE and beyond.

A logo is what distinguish a brand from its competitors. It is the first association, the thing that comes to consumer’s mind when hearing the brand or product title. That is why it is important that logo should stand out from the rest — something many brands struggle with.

A logo is not only an image, but also an introduction to a brand. There is a long list of guidelines and suggestions when designing a logo:

  • The logo must reach a specific audience, which is the same as the target market of your company;
  • It must have a clear meaning;
  • It must evoke certain emotions;
  • In most cases, it must be simple, or have a simplified version of itself;
  • It should consider both dark and light backgrounds, as well as black-and-white color scheme;
  • Of course, it must be unique, and not copied from a successful competitor.

Achieving a well designed logo requires hard work, knowledge, and understanding the latest trends in design. We at Tessella Studio are happy to help, either by creating a new logo for your startup, or refreshing/refining an outdated one.

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