Hosting and Maintenance - Tessella Studio

Tessella Studio provides its own convenient Web hosting service for all of our customers needs!

Own hosting service substantially facilitates the process of a website development and its subsequent maintenance and well-being. We take care for its regular maintenance, software updates, and corporate email operation. We handle all the technical process of setting up, configuring and optimizing your server, so you never have to worry about this process.

Among the benefits of our hosting are: stable server operation, unlimited corporate mailboxes, clear rules of payment.

Also, we always store a backup copy of every Client’s website somewhere else, so even in case of emergency, there is always a backup plan!

Planning to order a new website, and looking for a place to host it? Here are three reasons “why” our hosting is a great supplement to the website development:

Hosting Services in Dubai
  • Because we know all the technical details, contingency server load and all the pitfalls;
  • Because we have full access and full control over the server software and settings;
  • Because we do everything much faster!

Needless to say that we will always be glad to provide space for free testing of your existing website, if you require its technical evaluation.

Let`s Get Started!

We view our every project as something unique & tailor-made to meet all customer’s needs. We care about what we produce, no matter what it is – a website, a logo design, lenticular artwork or a complete branding package.

Check out our portfolio to find out more, or contact us directly via email, WhatsApp or a direct phone call!