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Full-package website development in Dubai – from idea concept to production release.

In the recent years, both private companies and government agencies in the UAE are experiencing a dynamic focus shift towards the Web and began to offer their services online. As of today, people search, communicate, purchase, and do numerous other business-related activities online. This is why having a professional, modern-looking, user-friendly website for your company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates is a required condition in order to succeed, both globally and locally.

Having a website is important for making your business known by your potential clients. The way your website is made, both visually and technically, in certain way reflects how your whole business is  performing. This is especially important in the dynamic environment of United Arab Emirates, where quality matters.

We at Tessella Studio understand this, and as a company based in UAE, we are committed  delivering you websites of highest quality at all times.

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Types of websites we develop:

Landing Page development in Dubai

Landing Pages

Websites that consist of one page (and sometimes – 1-2 smaller pages) containing everything needed to describe a company, service, or a product. Can be loaded with trendy-looking graphics.

Price starting from 7 000 AED, depending on requirements.

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Corporate Website Development in Dubai

Corporate Websites

These are basic company websites with up to 10 page types – main page, information pages, news, photo gallery, contact page, testimonials, and some other common elements.

Price starting from 10 000 AED, depending on requirements.

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Complex Portals Development in Dubai

News Portals & Complex Platforms

These are complex project which require custom functionality, user registrations, integration with popular social services, API development, and many other things. Nevertheless, we can handle even these kind of tasks!

Price is negotiable, depending on a variety of factors.

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Online Shops Development in Dubai

Online Shops

Online shopping is one of the fastest growing trends of modern Web. Ordering a product, service, and even food in a digital shop is now an integral part of everyday life for many people.
And of course, we do online shops as well!
Jump-start your Online business for a price starting from 12 000 AED, depending on requirements.

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We offer a convenient payment scheme for our customers, which is usually divided into 3 parts – Down Payment, Prototype Completion, and Final Release.

Furthermore, for each new website we offer a one-year free hosting and technical maintenance on our servers.

We design websites that are not just beautiful, but also well optimized for better conversion and results. Whether it is a complex and dynamic portal, a convenient online office, vibrant restaurant website or formal corporate website – each one of them has it’s own story and it’s own purpose, and must be done properly in order to work.

We always work in step with our Clients business. We do not believe in ready-made templates. The key of a successful website development is in understanding every client’s unique vision, if needed – helping it to take shape, then adapting it into a concept, and then – raising it into something truly beautiful.

For each project, we are looking for a way that perfectly meet our Client’s expectations – so the end product is always:

Goal-Oriented websited development in Dubai


Effective Websites development in Dubai

Works exactly the way it should

Stylish websites in Dubai

Stylish and professional

Feel free to contact us regarding your website needs and get a free consultation.

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We view our every project as something unique & tailor-made to meet all customers needs. We care about what we create, no matter what it is – a website, a logo design, lenticular artwork or a complete branding package.

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