PoD Accessibility Features for Existing Websites - Tessella Studio

We at Tessella are proud to share the vision of a truly inclusive society and strive to help make the Web more accessible to all.

To contribute towards UAE Government’s noble cause of maximizing inclusiveness for the people of determination, specialists at Tessella will be happy to upgrade any website with ‘accessibility’ features, in accordance with both guidelines issued by the local authorities, as well as The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

We strongly believe that special needs should not be an obstacle for any person to learn, explore, search, create or be entertained.

Integrating a set of accessibility features on your website will give it a number of advantages, such as (but not limited to):

It will make it more accessible by people with special needs, expanding your target audience.

It will improve your organic position in the search results, as Search Engines do consider accessibility features as advantages, and ‘look for’ certain pieces of code.

It will contribute to building a positive image of your brand, positioning it as responsible member of truly inclusive, zero-discriminating modern community.

Our specialists will be happy to analyze your website and report, what set of features, both technical (like certain tags in the code), visual (like high-contrast version) and usability-related (like keyboard-controlled navigation) can be added to it.

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