Graphic Design Questions

Can you design a logo for me or my company?

Of course! We consider creating a logo a unique form of art, which require skill, knowledge, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We deeply understand that a logo is not just an icon, but a valuable tool with many tasks and purposes – it must match the nature of your business, appeal to your target audience, be recognizable, contribute to building brand loyalty, and much more.

For our Clients, we do have a tailored-made logo design package service, which, in most cases, fully cover their requirements. In fact, one of logos which we created can be seen on Google Maps!

How long does it take to crete a logo?

We usually take 3 working days to prepare the package of 3 different concepts. After that, we wait for feedback, and then implement amendments (should there be any). Overall, the whole process takes between 3-5 days in average.

Web Design and Development Questions

How much does a new website cost?

In general, websites are divided into several categories – landing pages, corporate sites, online stores, news portals, as well as complex projects with unique features. Each of the categories has its own pricing policy, which is also being determined by a number of details.

In order to be able to accurately estimate the cost of your project, we ask you to fill out our Development Brief. In addition, you can see our price table, which, among other things, shows the approximate cost of developing various categories of websites.

What types of websites have you designed?

A wide variety, actually! We made websites for restaurants, Real Estate agencies, law & legal consultancy firms, government entities, Oil & Gas companies, news agencies, beauty brands, online courses, sports complexes, schools, garages, flight support companies, and many more!

Do you have examples of websites you’ve designed in the past?

Around 70% of our past projects are listed in our Portfolio. We do, however, have a number of projects, which we can’t publicly affiliate with. Other websites were closed down in time due to various reasons, so we only mentioned them in our Portfolio, with detailed descriptions and screenshots.

I don’t know exactly what my requirements are. What do I do?

You can still go ahead and fill our Website Development Brief online, filling only the information you are sure about. We always reply to you with our clarifications, sometimes – in the form of a Zoom meeting, where we learn more about your business, as well as your expectations and desires. This way we not just gather information for ourselves, but also help you to understand your requirements better.

What is your payment policy?

We usually ask for an advance payment in order to start, and depending on the scale of the project, our payment scheme can either be in 50/50 or 40/30/30 format.

What platform do you build your websites on?

Our base platform of choice is WordPress (with WooCommerce, Elementor, or other possible add-ons), but it greatly depends on the nature of the project. We do understand, however, that for large complex projects with custom functionality WordPress is not the best choice of platform for its obvious limitations, and in these cases, we go for other options.

How do you build my website?

There are two ways, different from each other in their approach. The first one begins with creating unique design for the website. The second one begins with selection of a premade theme template, most often – made with Elementor.

In the first case, the result is a website that perfectly reflects brand identity and has more freedom in using various visual effects, dynamically generated content and further scaling.

In the second case, website can be finished faster, but it will be deprived of all the advantages of the first option – firstly, its appearance will be relatively basic, and secondly, it will be limited in freedom to change its original appearance.

None of these options is universal. In some cases, the first one is more effective, in others, the second. In order to understand which one will suit you better, we usually ask you to start by filling out our Development Brief.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Certainly! Unless specifically requested, we guarantee that each of our websites is responsive, lightweight, mobile friendly and can be viewed without any flaws on any device. We understand that a well-designed responsive website is not only more visually appealing, but also has a positive effect on the number of visitors, as well as search engine rankings.

How long does it take to develop website?

It all depends on what kind of website you need.

The quickest one to prepare is a single-language landing page, which should take no more than 5 working days to prepare.

A corporate website takes around 20-30 working days, but it can be extended with multiple language versions, or different sections, like Company News, Team profiles, etc. Content writing is another thing to consider as well.

An Ecommerce store follows the same general logic, plus, there is some time required for an external Payment Gateway provider to do the paperwork, examine the website, release recommendations (if any), etc. In general, it takes around 40-45 working days to complete to create an Ecommerce store.

Some larger projects can take considerably longer time to be prepared. In this case, we propose to divide project’s functionality into different releases, and then – estimate them separately. In practice, this approach had proven itself to be effective is cases when Client need to have something online faster, but also needs the whole thing to be done eventually.

These are all rough estimates. There are more time-consuming details to consider when estimating required timeframe, so we strongly recommend to fill our Development Brief as a first step, as it helps us to understand your vision and requirements.

I don’t like my current website, can you help?

First of all – yes, we will be happy to help. Based on how bad things are, we will be able to either modify your current website the way you want + the way modern websites should work and appear.

In case things are really bad, we will also be happy to propose creating a totally new website.

How many pages do I get with my website?

The simple answer is “as much as you like”! But there are things to consider.

It is important to understand that websites are not being measured by the number of pages – instead, it’s more of a number of types of pages. Technically, there is little difference if your website needs to have 3 info pages or 30 info pages – difference will be only to cover the cost of preparing text content and have somebody fill those pages for you.

That’s the types of pages which determine, what kind of website you will have, and how long will it take to create it. You can’t have more than a Main page, if you want a Landing page. Similarly, you can’t have an Online Shop with order checkout, if you only need a corporate website. Every type of page requires a certain development time to be created, and that’s how website’s category, cost and required time frame is estimated.

I can get a free template using Wix or similar service. Why should I pay you to make a website for me?

There are, indeed, a number of free templates and constructors, many of which can even host it later on, but all of them have a number of setbacks, which they don’t like to talk about:

  • You might not have full freedom to tweak it as per your needs, and most probably find paid-only things which you will really need to complete the process. Many of these things will work on subscription-basis, so you will keep paying them as long as you will keep your website live.
  • You will not be able to assign your domain name to your website for free, as it is one of many paid-only features these services offer.
  • Using a pre-made template for your website will not help you to stand out from the crowd, as it’s appearance will remain relatively basic and unoriginal.

This is why ordering a website from a Creative Studio like Tessella ensures that you will know exactly how much you will be paying, and for what. It also ensures that your website’s files, images, code and other assets will be your property, tailor-made for you to use as long as you like.

Can you help me write content for my website?

Yes, we can prepare content for your website, although we usually request our clients to proofread it before publishing it online to make sure it is 100% accurate to their business nature and activities.

Questions about Domains and Hosting

Where my website will be hosted?

It is totally up to you, where your website will be hosted after it is completed. There are various options with different pricing schemes, you are free to choose whichever will be the most convenient.

When choosing a hosting server, it is important to keep in mind that its specifications should be good enough to cover your website’s requirements. It will directly affect its loading speed and traffic capacity.

We can also host your website on our servers infrastructure – this way, it will stay on the same environment as it’s development copy and will surely perform as good as it can. Furthermore, if we were the ones to create it, first year of hosting is completely free of charge!

How much does hosting cost?

It depends on what kind of server you will be using. Requirements for a basic corporate website are relatively low, so it would not cost much to host it Online. Other types, like news portals, may need more space, resources, and features, so the price to rent and maintain them will be higher.

If hosted on our servers and unless it requires additional space or resources, the price will be AED 600 per year. Other hosting providers may charge you differently – for example, on monthly basis.

Furthermore, if we were the ones to create your website, first year of hosting is completely free of charge!

Question about Search Engine Optimization

Do you do SEO for my website when you build it?

We always develop websites with consideration of SEO in mind. That being said, all images we used are optimized for Web, content headings and meta-tags in pages are placed competently, so we are sure that your website will be indexed by search engines correctly.

These measures are, however, rarely enough to see your website instantly appear in the first page of search results, as it takes time and work after the launch of your website – which we will be happy to do as a separate after-sales service.

How do I get to the 1st page of Google?

That’s a tricky question. It depends on a variety of factors:

  • the way your website is made, how fast it loads and how user-friendly it is (both on large and mobile screens);
  • how often your website is updated;
  • number of public links in the Web which lead to your website,
  • number of users who enter your website by directly typing its address or scanning a QR code,
  • if your company is listed on Google Maps,
  • number of competitors in the same area (if it matters for your industry), and how old they are.

Some factors require certain actions to be performed on a regular basis, like publishing updates and working on a number of incoming links. Others, like competing sites which are already on the top, is a challenge that can be difficult to overcome.

Simply put, Search engines are constantly working to provide their users with the most accurate results for what they are trying to find. And the top ten results are what search algorithms will consider to be the highest quality answers to a search query. Therefore, in order to be in the top ten of the search, you should first of all try to be in the top ten in real life – at least geographically.

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