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Packaging is one of the key areas in both marketing and product placement — it triggers sales, reinforces brand awareness and your product’s purpose.

We at Tessella Studio stress simplicity in design. Complicated doesn’t mean better. Many factors should be considered. We want people to be able to identify our Client brand’s name and the product’s purpose in a single glance of it’s package; at the same time, we also want it not to cost a fortune to produce, be environmentally-friendly, and convenient in transportation. A good product package can add perceived value to the product itself, and that’s something that needs to be considered.

We’ll come up with a design with minimal clutter, aiming to highlight the reasons people should buy your product through an extensive research and brainstorming.

Make sure your product stands out from the rest.

Even if your product is purely digital, or you only market it online, a correct graphic design for packaging remains one of the crucial factors of its success.

It is important to remember these factors of a successful product packaging design:

Quality and Functionality

No matter how appealing or innovative the materials and design may be, your packaging is only effective if it protects the product against damage in transit.

Pricing and Cost Savings

Some packages are lighter than others, which reduce transportation costs, while others are easier to handle and help boost production efficiency.

Brand Association

Well-though packaging design can say a lot about your business and values, especially when it’s tailored to appeal to a specific target audience.

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