Dmitriy Kaduba - Frontend Developer in Tessella Studio
Frontend Developer

Dmitriy has an advanced knowledge in CSS3, LESS, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, as well as building on WordPress CMS.

He is equally skilled in coding with and without Bootstrap.



Dima Loes

DJ InSouL – a DJ, musician, author and performer of his own tracks. In 2007, he began a solo rap career under the nickname Di-MaX and became a successful semi-finalist of the Ryazan battleground. At the same time, collaborated with labels S.M.Pro, Decibel Production, VADA MEDIA, Exclusive production. Author and contributor to the KIWI project under the pseudonym Dima Loes. The possession of genuine sincerity and the ability to combine handwritten texts and lyrical melody laid the foundation for the BlockNOT project.

Dmitry’s work can be found on Promo DJ and YouTube.

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