Google Hangouts will be shut down by 2020 - Tessella Studio
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It became known that the Google Hangouts for consumers will be completely shut down. This will happen, according to journalists, in 2020, although the company does not confirm the exact date.

Google Hangouts chat app is quite actively used by many users, as a chat option in Gmail on the web. But more than a year ago Google expressed its intention not to support the communication platform and not to develop it, which affected the performance and the increased number of errors. So the decision to close the application did not come as a surprise and many users have already abandoned it in favor of other options.

The brand will continue its development in the Hangouts Chat, communication app for teams, and Hangouts Meet, platform for video conferencing, intended primarily for corporate use. At the same time, Google Voice, which was integrated into the Hangouts, became a separate application in early 2018.

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