United Arab Emirates Government Announces Four and a Half Day Working Week

Government departments of UAE are to adopt a new four and a half-day working week, with the workforce working Monday to Thursday, with a half-day on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are to be the new weekend for government workers.

COVID-19, a Highway to Online

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic changed our lives in various aspects. It severely damaged many different industries, crippled global economy and affected international relations between whole countries. Gladly, the consequences of global pandemic were not purely negative, as many people adapted to the changed reality and found ways to live with it.

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The Main Reasons Why You Need a Website

If you are starting your own business or already have an established one, you are going to need a website. Being present in the Web and be seen by Search engines (and on the Google Maps) today is one of the most important thing you require to be successful.

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Why business owners don’t want to have a website – The most common reasons

Sometimes it may seem obvious to have a website and be present in the Web, but that this is not entirely true. We have collected such objections and our counter-arguments.

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Consumer version of Google+ will shut down. Main reasons

It’s no secret that the social network Google+ has never been really popular, although quite a lot of users have been attracted. And no one was surprised when, in October 2018, Google announced its intention to close the consumer version of the network. It is even strange that the company waited so long.

Google Hangouts will be shut down by 2020

It became known that the Google Hangouts for consumers will be completely shut down. This will happen, according to journalists, in 2020, although the company does not confirm the exact date.


2018 started for us with participation in ADWEEK 2017. It was not just a week of marketing and advertising, but also an exhibition, an advertising contest (in which we attended) and a marketing conference.

Google is rolling out mobile-first indexing

Google had recently announced in their blog that after a year and a half of careful experimentation and testing, they have started migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing.

About the secure Web

An article released by Google on September indicates that soon HTTP pages will become second-category citizens of the Web.

Tessella Studio invites young designers to collaborate!

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