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Technology today is developing at a rapid pace like never before, changing methods of information delivery - improving old methods and introducing new. Delivery of visual information is not an exclusion, but in fact - an excellent example of this trend.

Tessella Design Studio creative team is passionate about developing new methods of visual information delivery, and proud about what we have already accomplished and utilized.


Here is a brief list of what we can offer:


Furthermore, we are always happy to talk in person about many other great printing techniques which we are mastering at the moment.

As it applies to all of our projects, what really excites us is to be able to produce something beautiful, technologically advanced, complex and simple at the same time. We can handle the whole process, from concept creation to final product delivery, all in-house, with full control of final quality.

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Every project we receive is something unique. We care about what we produce, and trying our best to make sure it works the best way it should.

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