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The Cosplay Base

Submitted on 11.01.2018

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The Cosplay Base is an upcoming Web platform designed solely for the global cosplay community.

Simply put, it is aimed to become a personal portfolio service for every professional and amateur cosplayer, easy to setup and manage.

What is planned to be implemented on start:

  • Cosplayers wil be able to register on Cosplay Base and setup their personal accounts, with their short bio, user image and social media accounts.
  • There, they will be able to create cosplay Characters portfolio and upload their photos and videos. For example, if a User cosplays the Batman, he creates ‘Batman’ character under his profile, and uploads images of himself while cosplaying Batman.
  • By creating the Character, user can also choose to attend in a global character rating. In this case, the global community of other Cosplay Base users will be able to choose, which Batman is the best. With Prizes!

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