Completed on 23.11.2017
Web Design and Development
Involved in the project:
  • Maxim Najib - Project Manager
  • Timur Kayzer - Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, QA Specialist
  • Rifat Hakimov - Frontend Developer
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Tessella Design Studio developed a third version of website for Dubai branch of BRASCHI Furs fashion brand.

Our task was to create a new version of a world-known fashion brand website. This time it was made more content-oriented (yet stylish) and lightweight, with 100% responsive design.

About BRASCHI Furs

The Braschi Company was founded in the early seventies in the last century by a couple, Lorenzo and Kitty Braschi, and it was initially engaged in leather goods. The owners had bet on original models, different from the usual ones proposed at the time.

The garments of BRASCHI atelier have always been appreciated due to the scrupulous selection of the primary product and the high level of manufacturing. The company BRASCHI uses exclusively skins of high quality: North American and Scandinavian mink, fox, chinchilla, Canadian lynx and rigorously Russian sables. Maurizio Braschi attends in person the prestigious auctions in Canada, Russia and Scandinavia and selects the best skins to create amazing masterpieces.

BRASCHI Dubai Main Page

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