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Tessella Design Studio - Do you really need a website?


We made a list of arguments for NOT having a website for your business, and will briefly go trough them with some common sense:

  • I do not need a website.
    Every time this argument is being said sounds, your potential customer is crying somewhere. Almost 2/3 of the total human population today are active Web users, and this number is growing.
  • My target market does not use the Web.
    Well, this can only mean there will be less competition in the Web.
  • There is no budget for the website.
    Then you can start with a free website builder or go for a landing page, that's good enough in the beginning.
  • I use the social networks.
    That's great, but including a website as a mean of communication will significantly increase the number of generated leads.
  • I have enough customers.
    Meanwhile, people who could become them, but were unable to find you, are going to your competitor.
  • I do not have time to maintain the website.
    Managing a relatively small website can be as quick as having a cup of coffee in the morning. If you did everything right, it will eventually grow along with your business, and then, assigning it to someone from your team, or even outsource website support will not be a problem.

Having a good-looking and correctly-functioning website is not just a matter of prestige. It is an effective tool for your business growth, and it is a very bad choice to ignore it.

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