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Tessella Design Studio is a creative studio originally established 2011 in Dubai, UAE. During the subsequent years we grew up significantly both by expanding geographically, and increasing the scope of our expertise.

At the moment we are present in Dubai and Tashkent, with representatives in Russia and Ukraine. We work on Web & graphic design projects, package design, digital advertising, and many more. View full list of our services.

Our Vision

We define the word 'Design' as a process of finding an optimal solution to a clearly defined objective. Thus, we divide work on every project into 4 stages:

  • Clearly define an objective. Listen to our client. Ask questions. Ask more questions. Get as much information as possible to identify, what he or she really needs in order to accomplish set goals. It may be that he really require a hammer, not a screwdriver. Our job is to identify it.
  • Brainstorm for the solution. Every project has it's own story, and every solution we create is unique in it's own way. Some elements can be reused, some cannot and should not. Our job is to predict, what would work best.
  • Develop and present. We make sure that the final result works exactly how it suppose to, and does what it has to do.
  • Evaluate. We come back after some time, gather statistical data, look on our work again and suggest possible improvements after some field testing.

We love our work. We love to create effective tools to achieve certain objectives. We are up to any challenge.

Let`s Get Started

We view our every project as something unique. We care about what we produce, and doing whatever in takes to make it work just the way it suppose to.

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